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About How do feel about this poem

How do feel about this poem?
Thanks for reading and god bless. It may not be perfect, but I place fourth effort in its writing. Thanks for reading and God bless THIN NOTHINGNESS By Daniel Mapp His way is one of sunless blankness, For he sees not a landscape but blindness. He wanders aimlessly seeking sight. He turns westward to seek scarlet Aurora, Only to face the litless miles of shade. He erects his eyes towards the heavens, Searching for where Artemis reigns. He fails to see the orbiting light, Nor the beasts and men in Greek lore. He lowers his view craving to find it, Materials to kindle heat and brightness, For he craves illumination as much as they, Within Byron's work of swallowing blackness. His pouster bends in desperation, Seeking a stone for sparking a flame- His palm feels marble smoothness. He lets forth a cry of fading sanity, Then he rises up flailing about wildly. He waves about with an vain effort, His hands caress the empty air, For a trunk and neither its limbs are near.- His spirit gives way as does his movement, For will forsakes him as fear comes fourth. He uses his final shred of hope, Before Deimos overtakes his countenance; He calls upon the spawn of the Living God, As his knees give way before hopelessness. He awakes within his damp sheets, Giving praise to him for light. ___________ Darn! I wish I didn't be repetive with crave! Craves, and craving. Well :) it was still gets the message out.
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Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! This poem is faithful and reminds me of just happiness. You have done great work with this masterpiece. Great Work!!! Every poem I read I give it an different defintion that is totally different. This poem decribes definition, Faith is the confident belief or trust in the truth or trustworthiness of a person, idea, or thing. The word "faith" can refer to a religion itself or to religion in general. And this poem describes faith Great Work!!!
2 :
Daniel, this is amazing. You have an amazing talent, also a complex and deep understanding of believing. I absolutely love this poem!
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