Friday, April 1, 2011

About Greenhouses in Colorado Denver or Aurora

Greenhouses in Colorado Denver or Aurora?
ok so i need a job that does not require alot of experience because i dont have alot i just have one volunteering experience i did at school. My teacher told me greenhouses need workers and things like that. I never worked there or been there so iw as wondering if anybody knows one i can apply at online. If you do please let me know...I need a few just in case some are not hiring. THANK YOU :)!!!
Denver - 2 Answers
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1 :
Greenhouses are pretty low tech. You will need to apply in person and probably show some knowledge or interest in plants.
2 :
Are you looking for greenhouses where you can dine? Cause this isn't "looking for work", it's "Dining out". (oh...and lots of restaurants hire the inexperienced...try fast food places, like McDonald's and Burger King...why should you be any different from the rest of us who can say that was our first job?)
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