Tuesday, November 1, 2011

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looking for another job?
I've been with my work place for a year now.I'm making little over minimum wage.I needto get a better paying job. But I am worried at thesametime. I do really like working here. Plus you can request as many days off as you need. (Only have about 7 days for the past year) Are a lot of places like this? Or is my work place unique. Of coarse a twoweek advance is needed. But I'm justworriedabout going to a different job. (Anyone hiring? I live in Aurora, IL, going to collegenow)
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No need to get worried about anything. Think positive! If you want a better paying job that you will enjoy, try applying to other businesses. Yahoo! Hotjobs, monster.com, or careerbuilder.com or good tools to finding jobs. Good luck!
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