Wednesday, August 1, 2012

About can anyone help me make a program

can anyone help me make a program?
Can anyone help me make a program. I have sort of a problem I go to a online high school called e academy its learning system is Aurora learning if any of you are familiar with it, so anyways i am very behind on some of my work cause i am training a dog that i have to spend 24/7 with and i have to help my dad build a house so i need some help building a program. When i log onto my school say in onto history it gives me a page to go to and read then it gives me multiple choice or it tells me to write something. I want my program to kinda be a code hacker that researches the dictionary, wikipedia, and reads what my school says to. Then by using that information it finds the answer. A alternative would be that it has a giant data base then searches it. So can anyone help me figure out where to start or if a program that does online school already exists? oh and bye the way i already know most of the stuff i just cant type and don't have the time to do it all before the end of the school year and i need to pass school .Thanks PLEASE dont not write that i just want to cheat or anything like that i am looking for useful answers not criticism
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Instead of writing a program to help you cheat, you should quit training the dog and start doing your homework.
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Yes, btw, do copy this to see something then paste it on a new tab or browser! : . Yes, I can! I'll see you in one min. , ok? Now all you do is have to email my yahoo. Ok? I'm called Angel on it... Please copy this link! : (on a new tab or browser, if you don't, I won't help you, nvm! Ok? I'll help you just copy then paste my link!) Btw, here's the link! : . Bye!
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yo bro no 1 aint gonna hep you yo its yo school work man and if it matta what language ya using dog C, C++, Python i could make it but it yo work bro
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Okay... so just to be clear here.. You want an indexing and learning, natural language processing artificial intelligence. Yup those exist. IBM makes one... ONE. They make one as in singular... It's called Watson, and it is just exactly what you need. So like, come up with a couple ten twelve million, and you can get a Blue Gene server with Watson on it!
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