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About What are the best homeschooling program in Illinois

What are the best homeschooling program in Illinois?
I want to get home schooled for one year for some little trouble going on,right now. And I want to know some of the best home schooling programs in Aurora,Illinois. But I do not want it to be expensive or like my parents to teach me cause they need to work. But I want to know any good programs. Especially since this is my first time wanting to try this out, just for my freshman year. Since I am having some issue not wanting to go some school that has bad reputation for one year,till we move. And my mom say's there really isn't any other Choice. But there is. And it's homeschooling. Just remember DONT LET IT BE EXPENSIVE like 200 or 500 w.e I a,m new to this program. So please help. And is it good to do home schooling?
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My sister has been home schooled for 7 year's now.And says that's the best choice she ever made. My mom used the K-12 program. Or you can google electronic DVDs for your computer which is a DIGITAL teacher teaching you. I don't know how much the dvd is and the k-12 programs prices vary. You could also go to a school store and get your own math work books and other subjects that follow your local high school curriculum. Theirs so many possibility's. Just have to find them.Sorry I do not know any that are solely in Illinois and I hope this helps in some way.
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