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About Need a title for a story I am writing

Need a title for a story I am writing?
So the story is about a girl named Aurora Ash, who lives in a restricted area for "second world" people like vampires, werewolves, etc. She is best friends with a werewolf boy named Bane and she likes him eventually but since she's just human she wants to go to a human high school, shes going to be a junior, and then her mother who is psychic tells her that things couldn't work out between her and Bane so she starts to doubt that they could and for a while Bane and her start to grow apart even though Bane has told her several times that he loves her, so yeah in this story its the girl who has issues about saying I love you instead of the guy. But then when Bane saves her from a vampire even after she was such a jerk to him she decidedes she has to tell him how she feels and what happened with her mom and stuff. They end up happily ever after evetually, there are alot more details but It's too much to type in here. But one of the other most important things is that Bane father who raised him is'nt really his biological father, but his biological father is his 'fathers' older brother. So sorry if that didn't make a lot of sense but any help would be greatly apprieciated. Thanks in advance. :D
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