Friday, July 1, 2011

About help me i need a new job! anyone need a hard worker

help me i need a new job! anyone need a hard worker?
please help looking for a job my current job is driving me crazy im a really hard working and you will see that my first day at work i take pride in my job and like to work hard looking for a change of carreer in the aurora, il/naperville, il area is anyone need a hard worker need a real job not from home i like to work
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Longshot I see infomercial in early morning hours: 1800 368 5811 or its 1 800 868 5811. I don't have clear tv reception. Basically sell $550.00 worth of stuff monthly they send you a paycheck. I think. Check with the BBB. You say your a hard worker. But at what?
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I actually need a hard worker....why don't you email me and we'll set up an appointment..... Hopefully we'll talk soon.
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