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About Why is living in America so hard and stressful

Why is living in America so hard and stressful ?
I am 30 years old and I must say that every day it seems like living in America gets harder and harder. I am unemployed and every time I get a job it is all Hispanic , I just want to find something I like to do and be happy and make money so I can go back to school and start my company . But it seems like anything I try to do runs against a brick wall . I recently got a job at Kraft Foods in Aurora IL , I was there for 2 days and I left , it was horrible , first they said 11 an hour come to find out it was only 8.25 then It's all Hispanic besides 3 other people , and it's repetitive work all day doing the same thing , I hate it , how can so many people be happy with life when this is the way it is , it sucks , I just want to move out to another country and enjoy the quiet life , why is America so hard and stressful ? I hate it !
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my job aint like that , i work in a resort and my job aint factory work, i work in food service, i get free rm and board too plus salary. and i live and work with people from all over the world. not just hispanics. resorts hire all the time, theres a lot of turnover in those jobs.
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America has become a Third World country, and it's going to get MUCH worse.
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Dude, you have to keep changing jobs until you find a company that you satisfy with. High education could be a way out.
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You create your own success or failure. The choice is yours. Our borders can't keep criminals out, and they certainly aren't designed to keep people in. You sir, are free to leave.

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