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About I have no insurance, in colorado, what do I do

I have no insurance, in colorado, what do I do?
First off, I have recently turned 18. Right now im living in the Arvada Area, soon to be moving down in the Aurora region; only to to go to college up in Greeley. Here is my dilemma, I have a very controlling mother, one who has screwed me over insurance wise. I would ask my dad who has kaiser; i've been I cannot receive Kaiser anyways because when i'm in greeley; there is no kaiser up there. This is what I have researched and been told by three people so this is am assumption rather than a set answer. I would ask my father for help. The problem is, he has Kaiser. so that's not going to work. I haven't been able to get an appointment with CIPI (i think that's the right spelling) or CHP+. I'm tired of my mom controlling this, I need to see a doctor for a physical, checkup, and something else. For those who are wondering for health purposes, it has nothing to do with pregnancy. Rather back and other bone like pains. Where can I apply? I make less that 25,000 a year, will be giving a two weeks notice soon. What can I do and where can I go.
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Kaiser is a network plan, and when you have Kaiser, you HAVE to use the Kaiser network. Colorado's child Medicaid - welfare health insurance, automatically stops the day you turn 18. Once your'e 18, you have to apply for ADULT Medicaid. Colorado does NOT give welfare health insurance - Medicaid - to non-disabled adults. To be considered disabled, you have to be on SSDI - federal disability. I'd suggest you either pay cash for the doctor visit - which should be under $200, affordable since you're living with mom - or when you look for your new job, you need to find one that offers health insurance benefits. Keep in mind, you also have to PAY for some of the cost. It would be almost impossible for your 'very controlling mother' to screw you over, health insurance wise. If you're demanding that she buys it for you, she has no obligation to do that, since you're an adult. For MY children, if they want me to support them, they have to follow my house rules, regardless of how old they are. When they decide to not follow the rules and leave the nest, then mamabird doesn't have to take responsibility for them any more. That's part of being a grownup. And a bit more advice . . . I'd think long and hard, before quitting a job to move somewhere else, unless you already have a BETTER job lined up there.
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