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About I want to start cab/taxi business

I want to start cab/taxi business?
I live in the city of Aurora, IL. It̢۪s a suburb of Chicago and one of the biggest cities in Illinois. I worked cab for a year before I quit, I made decent money for a 20 year old (now 21). I want to start my own cab company and Aurora would be great seeing that the city is only getting bigger. I want to know any advise on how to start one and what would I need to do. I know I need a permit and insurance anything else? Thanks how much can one make having my own business? I know its a repost i had to edit some stuff. Any advise is great thanks
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You are right about getting a city business permit and the insurance with I would imagine be pretty high. You must also get the cabs and outfit them with meters, the safety bar between the driver and the passengers if you so desire. You must also have a garage of some type to house your cabs as well as a central place to accept inbound calls for your services. You must also decide the commission you want to pay your drivers or rent the taxis to them on a daily basis. Then there is the un-employment insurance that must be paid You must then screen and hire the drivers insure they have the proper insurance and don't have a criminal record. You also must hire the dispatchers. I hope this has been of some use to you, good luck. "FIGHT ON"
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go to government office and apply for license.
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