Saturday, October 1, 2011

About Chicago job listings? Why are they mostly up north

Chicago job listings? Why are they mostly up north?
I am allways looking to better my financial situation, particularly how much I make working. Yet, whatever web sight government, stores, or web employment services I go into for the Chicago area; there are few or no jobs listed south and west, unless you want to drive for hours to get there. It seems to me, that with the price of gasoline, driving too far to work far from home is stupid and cost-prohibitive. I am not even going to consider applying for a job more than 15 miles away in the Chicago area. The reasons are many: 1) People need sleep. 2) Working far away takes up too much time spent in the car going to and from work. 3) Driving far causes stress during peak traffic times and is 4) harzardous to my health. So, why do the news papers all think we want to work near Wrigley Field in yuppie town? There's no where to park. It costs too much in travel expenses. Where are all the job listings for south and southwest Cook County? Why travel to Joliet, Shamburg, Deer Field, Aurora?
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