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About Associate of Science in Information Technology

Associate of Science in Information Technology?
I'm currently attending online college for my Associates of Science in Information Technology. I'm considering furthering my education into a Bachelors Degree. But I'm still a year off from graduating. So my question is this: How beneficial will my associates degree be in getting a better job in a better location. I am planning to move in/near/around either Colorado Springs, Aurora, or Denver Colorado. So I will be near a big city. What should I expect? Also, can I use my degree on my resume as a way to get a job? Even though I am not finished. I know I need to mention it in my resume I am working on my degree, but can it be used now as something that potential employers will view as a good thing. 3rd Question: Got a job for me!?!?! Jking. Side Note: I have experience in the general field of computers. Part time help on a school districsts technologist. So, basically I am getting a degree on stuff I've been doing for awhile now. I know work experience matters, but how much will it matter? Like I said. I'm a year away from finishing the associates degree. So I am only curious, esp from anyone who has gotten the same or similar degree.
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