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About I have alot of questions about the movie "The Core

I have alot of questions about the movie "The Core"?
1.Where does Dr. Keys work? 2.What does an oscilloscope measure? 3.What did all the victims have in common? 4.What does Josh(Dr.Keys) think might be the cause behind the anomalies? 5.What is causing the Aurora Borealis (pretty lights in the sky)? 6.What is wrapped around the earth? 7.What will the microwave discard do to the earth? 8.What is the name of the special material used by Brazzleton in his ship? 9.What does Maj.Childs call the crew? 10. What's a tiny nudge in planetary terms? 11.Where does Dr.Zimsky decide the ship should enter the earth? 12.What is the ship named? 13.Why did Dr.Zimsky choose the underwater location for launch? 14.What's the temperature of the mantle? 15.What did they find the beginning of day 2? 16.How many hours did it take to reach the core interface? 17.What is project Destiny? 18.How far down is the inner core? 19.What is the temperature of the crawl space? 20.How does Josh power the ship to get back to the surface?
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It would be easier to just watch the movie
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