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About Is there job that lets me work only 2 days

Is there job that lets me work only 2 days?
I am 16 yrs old and my mom wants me to find a job even though it's completely impossible. I am in IB so I have absolutely no time. I have usually homework till 2 in the morning. I also have sports after school and on Saturaday mornings. I also have Chinese school on Sunday afternoons. The only time possible for me to work is Friday night and Saturday night if I want to be occupy every minute of my life. I know this is insane, but my mom is forcing me to. I live in Aurora, Co. Can someone please help me find a job that's willing to hire me for only two days?
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There are loads of potential hurdles for minors in work, many of them law-related, parents need to be watchful about that. There is loads of assistance from the website in the box below on this subject, they also have assistance for all peeps who are searching for work, or who need to change careers.
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The only possibilities I can think of are: babysitting, bussing tables in a restaurant or work in a fast food restaurant part time on weekends. Restaurants are at their busiest Saturdays and Sundays. I think I would talk to my school guidance counselor though. Based on your schedule, work is not really something you would benefit from. I know your mom has a strong work ethic but school is your work and it is your primary obligation if you are going to go to college. If you are so tired that you can't do the work, you could flunk out of school and all that would be left is working at a restaurant at $7.50 an hour when you are 35! A talk with a guidance counselor would add weight to any argument you mighjt have abiout the situation. He or she might have some suggestions on how to handle it. They would be able to tsalk to you about the pressures and how your mom has beliefs that may not be in line with your realities. You also need to respect that she does mean well for you but may not realize that even a diamond under too much pressure can fracture. Best of luck to you.
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